Sincerely, ______

by Five Day Forecast

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Recorded in a barn and a house in Barrington May of 2012.

BIG THANKS to our producer Doug Tuttle for pushing us to do things differently and to Dasha Altabaeva for taking really amazing photographs. Thanks also to everybody who has encouraged us along the way to do these things and shown their support for our music.


released June 15, 2012

Recorded, produced and mixed by Doug Tuttle
Cover art by Dasha Altabaeva



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Graduate
Don't look back there's no hold any more for you to grab onto. Numbers and letters show us our worth. In a room that confines you.
You wish you'd done the same.
You return your pages of knowledge that you learned on the days. You skipped out and found yourself drunk some basement.
I said I wish I had done the same.
But you wish you'd done the same.
Now everything changed.
As you walk across the stage.
Your mind wouldn't know better.
And in years I'll do the same.
With 30 names on sheets of paper.
Track Name: The Arsonist
We walked on stilts to the island.
The bees they swarmed, they invited us in.
Let them eat cake; throw away cans.
They asked, "Why are you saying us when we can't even see your friends"
I guess I shouldn't call them friends they're really just acquaintances,
I guess I really only see them when I get real desperate.
When I get really desperate.

Hello my dear where have you been.
Messages sent out but they all go unread.
When what I know is what I've read...
I searched for yellow without a hello, I slipped into the sewer system.
I brought me straight into the ocean I crashed into your boat again.
I said whatever, I wrote/sent a letter, I set the post office on fire.
I set the post office on fire.

The telephone booth rang a cry.
It sang the disembodied voice of a good friend of mine.
He cleared his through and heaved a sigh.
He said, "Hey man... I know where you've been and I can surely sympathize.
But concerning your act of arson you should have rationalized."
I hung the phone up before he finished, I didn't want to realize
that I set my own best friend on fire.
I set my own best friend on fire.

She isn't real but she's one fire.
Track Name: The Scientist
Well I never thought that electronics would fail.
Maybe we should have stolen the plans.
You've got me tamed.
You've made me lame.

You bought some more scrap metal solder your body together.
With wire for veins.
Circuits for brains.
You mold your silicone skin let your nerves sink in.
Soft to the touch.
"Girl", you are too much.

You load your conversation all your information.
You know what to say.
You know just how I felt today.
You load your diagnostics how to be nostalgic.
It's hard to tell
If you're all real.
Track Name: The Addict
So I'll dance with you again
but not to songs slower than the ones I already sing.
You say, "Why can't I see you?"
Well I can't see myself.
"Why can't I smell you?"
Well I can't smell myself.

So say you'll walk me home again.
If not by car or train then by the songs and letters you've written.
You say "Why can't I feel you?"
Well I can't feel myself.
"Why can't I think for you"
Well I can't think for myself.

She said "Just please don't let me leave"

And so the story goes:
Your train comes in at 2 and we call it off at 3.
Smoke one more last cigarette to make sure you won't breathe.
I say "thank you all for coming. We'll see if she shows in a year,
The exit straight to hell is to your left,
meet some old friends while you're there."
And you'll fold eachother's clothes just to pass away the time.
As I piss my sheets and regress to a complex simple mind.
Our father's never said be great only if you can.
The television taught us differently to hear and not comprehend.
And so you bust into the chapel in your tattered dress and jeans
and as level as it seems his holy hands still intervene.
You say "(darling) don't leave me you're the last good thing I have."
"Where are your friends? Where is your home?"
They hung themselves on telephone poles.
Track Name: The Charmer
We swam in the same river twice.
Just as dirty not as pure.
Leaving behind a different trail.
So if your scars ever turn black
Then you'll know just where to find me
And if your body doesn't bleed then
Sink with me.

We bought the same old food again.
Trying to repay the favors that we once gladfully gave.
But if equality is what you're looking for
You can quickly check your check book and you'll see that
your money's no good here.

We watched the same old movies end.
And we cry at all their stories cause we just can't write our own.
Because if we did we know we'd have to call the coroner
And you know he wouldn't listen cause he's tired and
He's heard it all before.

I'll drive you home a different way
So I won't waste all the words that I haven't planned for you.
So if you kindly turn your calendar back
I'll wail this passé hymnal that my innards wrote
the day that they saw you.
Track Name: The Dancer
Promiscuousity seems so vague
As dead teachers right the tens.
Secretivity on your teeth.
We don't want this night to end.
Old folks mock us as they say
"Why don't you get back to your prom?"
Too bad immaturity
Never tends to keep us young.
Dance slower.
Nothing seems to change.
Hold me closer.
But that doesn't feel the same.
Track Name: The Runner
You threw me over your start and finish
On the dreary ides of march.
And then ran straight to him
(after) 20 days into his arms.
And as your glowing soul retracts
Your kisses leave my lips.
Then you turn straight into the ocean
To be with your friends: the hermits and shrimp.

You say "Slow down my darling!
I can't keep up with your pace"
I say "my darling can't you see?
We're all running the same race."

You sat me on top of your car
As we let the sunshine sink.
"That's one thing that I won't tell you.
But I will when I'm fast asleep."
I saw the same three weary words
That mirrored my pretty past.
I've heard it all before
Give it time I know it'll pass.
Track Name: The Weatherman
Do you remember when we used to search through magazines looking through ads few and far between?
And then you crawled into our respective stones, your mind rests in them alone.
Then cupid sighed slinging rocks and sticks and stones while trying not to break our bones.
Then you cried as your teardrops hit a puddle that "I love you" seemed so subtle.

15 years didn't seem so long, it took me a while to write this song. Can't you see we all belong?
Friends all fade after a while and the wind doesn't get to tired. He just turns his head as he smiles.

You know we exist with the approval of our friends who push and twist and amend.
But I feel dumb so you'll have to be my mind tonight to make up for my lack of eyes.
Memories lost as the ink just fled the pages that lasted for several days as the flame burned growing bigger by the minute and all we could do was burn with it.